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Distant Replay is the home of my many solitaire sports gaming projects. This site isn’t generally shared or promoted but it is free to visit and comments are welcome.

My projects are many and rarely completed; several may be active at any given time. Click through the links below to visit a specific project.

ACTIVE: Merry Marvel Bowling League


A municipal bowling league, set in Marvel’s Manhattan, using Plaay’s Bowl-A-Rama.

ACTIVE: Decades League Hockey

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 8.42.51 PM

1950s-era Shoot-Out Hockey project.

ACTIVE: Trophy Dash Racing

Trophy Dash Racing

SCRAM stock car league, using unique scoring rules.

COMING FEBRUARY 2021: Century League Baseball

Long-term History Maker Baseball project using the Century League card set.



Experimental, one-off, or other difficult-to-characterize projects.



Experimental league using PLAAY’s near-future sports game, Fury Football. Features an all-tournament scheduling format with league standings dictated by wins and cup victories. 

COMPLETE: DCBLdownload (2)

A baseball project where every team is set in a DC Comics city, with colors and club identities inspired by superheroes. Uses History Maker Baseball with Baseball America players by Plaay. The Gateway City Wonders were crowned World’s Finest after a post-season where they threw two no-hitters, including the championship-clinching game!

COMPLETE: NCAA Men’s College Hoops

“Replaying” the lost 2020 March Madness tournament, using Downey Games’ Ultra-Quick College Hoops. Gonzaga defeated Dayton to claim the national title.

COMPLETE: Motorhead Cup Racing

A twelve-race stock car racing series, featuring contemporary drivers, using PLAAY’s Red, White & Blue Racin’

INACTIVE: Middle-earth Premier League


Fictional soccer league set in the Third Age of Middle-earth by J.R.R. Tolkien.

INACTIVE: Sudden Death Hockey League

An extensive hockey project I undertook when I lived in Canada, using 2016-17 cards and Hockey Blast from PLAAY. Three full tournaments — Test of the Best (Stanley Cup Qualifiers), Best of the Rest (Stanley Cup Non-Qualifiers), and the Pacific Scramble (Pacific Division elimination tournament). Returned in 2020 using Shoot-Out Hockey.

INACTIVE: Distant Replay Heavyweight Boxing

Perpetual ranked bouts between all-time great heavyweights, using Downey Games’ Ultra-Quick Boxing.

INACTIVE: 1970s NFL Replay


Score-generation football replay using Downey Games’ Ultra-Quick Football. 1970 Replay saw the Minnesota Vikings defeat the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl V. 1971 Replay mirrored historical results with the Cowboys beating the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI. My 1972 Replay saw the Dolphins reproducing their undefeated season and beating the Redskins in Super Bowl VII, but they had to do it the hard way …

INACTIVE: 2018 Dodgers Replay

Historical replay project using Payoff Pitch Baseball.


Stand-alone replays of historic World Series match-ups. 1955 Dodgers vs. Yankees (finished), 1975 Red Sox vs. Reds coming … someday

DEFUNCT: SNQ Wrestling

A bare-knuckled pro wrestling federation, fighting its way up through the down-and-out townships of Texas. Uses Face To The Mat Wrestling from PLAAY. I folded the federation when it was pushed to the side by other projects — if I return to this game, it will be in a new form.



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